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Projetct Title Year Theme State Report URL
“Aapka Radio Aapki Aawaz” Community Radios in Uttarakhand: A case study on Mandakini ki Aawaaz 2018-19 Communication Uttarakhand View Report
A Stitch in Time: An Inquiry into Phulkari in Punjab 2015-16 Arts & Crafts Punjab View Report
A Tradition of Transience: The Kalbelia Dance 2015-16 Arts & Crafts Rajasthan View Report
Art on a box: Sivakasi’s Miniature Canvas 2019-20 Arts & Crafts Tamil Nadu View Report
Back on Track: The Tramways of Kolkata 2017-18 Urban Heritage West Bengal View Report
Bandhavgarh National Park: From Guns to Cameras 2017-18 Ecology & Environment Madhya Pradesh View Report
Beyond Borders: The 200 Year Legacy of The Kolkata Chinese 2016-17 Cultural Identity West Bengal View Report
Beyond the Bans and Ghats – A Study of Temples and Religious Tourism in Vrindavan and Mathura 2019-20 Tourism Uttar Pradesh View Report
Beyond the Sacred Fires: Business of Cremation and Ganga Aarti in Banaras 2017-18 Faith & Religion Uttar Pradesh View Report
Bhavai in Gujarat 2019-20 Arts & Crafts Gujarat View Report
Bhopal Gas Tragedy: When the smoke clears 2018-19 Ecology & Environment Madhya Pradesh View Report
Bodh Gaya and Gaya : Great Divines and their great divides 2016-17 Faith & Religion Bihar View Report
Bulava_Our Calling to the Ajmer Sharif Dargah 2019-20 Faith & Religion Rajasthan View Report
Chandni Chowk: Kebab, Kulche aur Kahaniyan 2019-20 Food Culture Delhi View Report
Chharanagar in the Era of Budhan Theatre 2018-19 Arts & Crafts Gujarat View Report
Chudiyan- A study into the lives of Firozabad’s glass bangle industry workers 2019-20 Livelihood Practices Uttar Pradesh View Report
Dava aur Dua: Confluence of Science and Spirituality 2018-19 Faith & Religion Gujarat View Report
Divided by development: Dams, Displacement and Dimbhe 2017-18 Ecology & Environment Maharashtra View Report
En route to cleanliness: Vengurla 2017-18 Ecology & Environment Maharashtra View Report
Everyday Life at a Buddhist Monastery: An Ethnographic Exploration of Rumtek Monastery 2017-18 Faith & Religion Sikkim View Report
Exiled 2018-19 Cultural Identity Himachal Pradesh View Report
Fading Phrases: Daman and Diu Indo-Portugese Community 2018-19 Cultural Identity Daman and Diu View Report
Floored by legacy : Athangudi tiles 2016-17 Arts & Crafts Tamil Nadu View Report
Follow the road: The economics of roadside temples 2017-18 Economy Maharashtra View Report
Implementation of Forest Rights Act in Udaipur 2018-19 Ecology & Environment Rajasthan View Report
Indianisation of Chinese Food 2018-19 Food Culture West Bengal View Report
Kattaikkuttu: An art through time 2018-19 Arts & Crafts Tamil Nadu View Report
Kumartuli: A slum with an identity 2017-18 Livelihood Practices West Bengal View Report
Kutiyattam: Living Heritage 2015-16 Arts & Crafts Kerala View Report
Linking Traditions through centuries : Ajrakh block print 2016-17 Arts & Crafts Gujarat View Report
Local Ecological Knowledge Resulting from Turtle – Fisher Interactions at Sagareshwar Beach, Vengurla 2018-19 Ecology & Environment Maharashtra View Report
Nashik Wineries – A Case Study of Sula Vineyards 2018-19 Tourism Maharashtra View Report
Obstacles to Opportunities: Women Social Entrepreneurs of Tuljapur 2018-19 Gender Maharashtra View Report
Ramanagara: The Silk City 2019-20 Livelihood Practices Karnataka View Report
Sadkon-Ka-Zaiqa, The Street Food of Lucknow 2019-20 Food Culture Delhi View Report
Sajawat – A Study of Truck Art in India 2019-20 Arts & Crafts Madhya Pradesh View Report
Sanskrit ki Riti, Mattur ki Vartaman Sthithi 2019-20 Language & Communication Karnataka View Report
Smart Cities & Urban Sustainability: A Case Study of Raipur and Atal Nagar 2018-19 Urban Heritage Chhattisgarh View Report
Sports Culture in Haryana 2019-20 Sports Haryana View Report
Stand Up Comedy in Bangaluru 2017-18 Arts & Crafts Karnataka View Report
Stepping into Patan: A Case Study of Gentrification in Tier-III Cities 2019-20 Urban Heritage Gujarat View Report
Strings and Stories: Katha Kathputli Ki 2019-20 Arts & Crafts Rajasthan View Report
Surajkund International Crafts Mela 2020 2019-20 Arts & Crafts Haryana View Report
Taarab : Voice of Zanzibar 2016-17 Cultural Identity Zanzibar View Report
The Armenians of Kolkata – Unravelling Identity 2019-20 Cultural Identity West Bengal View Report
The Black Metal Magic of Bidar : Bidriware 2016-17 Arts & Crafts Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh View Report
The Camel, The Keeper, The Salt-Bush 2017-18 Livelihood Practices Gujarat View Report
The Echoes of Nizam Qawaali: The Aura of Auliya 2015-16 Arts & Crafts Delhi View Report
The last of a diaspora community: The Jews of Kochi 2017-18 Cultural Identity Kerala View Report
The Ratha: A Pull of Faith 2015-16 Faith & Religion Karnataka View Report
The Real Madras Handkerchief: Squares unravelling stories 2016-17 Arts & Crafts Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu View Report
The Siddis of Gujarat: Africans lost in Translation 2015-16 Cultural Identity Gujarat View Report
The trees of Piplantri bearing the fruits of self-sustenance 2019-20 Gender Rajasthan View Report
Tour Guides of Agra and Fatehpur Sikri 2017-18 Tourism Uttar Pradesh View Report
Unboxing the Dabba: The Dabbawalas of Mumbai 2018-19 Livelihood Practices Maharashtra View Report
Understanding and Exploring the Music of the Bauls of Bengal 2015-16 Arts & Crafts West Bengal View Report
Women Seaweed Harvesters in Chinnapalam 2019-20 Gender Tamil Nadu View Report