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Crafted with Care: Handmade in Varanasi

Crafted with Care: Handmade in Varanasi

The research project on Wooden Lacquerware toys, Metal Repoussé, and Gulabi Meenakari explored their historical timelines, government support through initiatives like GI tagging and ODOP, the effects of modernization, marketing strategies, and the future prospects of these traditional crafts. The findings aimed to shed light on preserving and revitalizing these crafts while ensuring their continued cultural relevance and economic viability

  • Faculty Mentor
    Prof. Shweta Rana

  • Group Members
    Anusha Ganesh, Arunima Naik, Dhairya Bansal, Farishta Panchal, Norah Cherian, Pranav Jain, Pratardan Agarwal, Rishika Gudipati, Sanjana Shah, Satyanarayan Sharma, Shanaya Dastoor, Sia Savla