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Kumartuli: A slum with an identity

Kumartuli: A slum with an identity

Idol makers play a very important role in the way Indians express faith, practice worship and show solidarity of community. This research aims to study the Kumartuli community of Bengal, which has housed idol makers for generations. Through withstanding a number of historical transitions, this community today remains an integral part of Bengali culture and identity. The lives of the members of this community have been studied through a socio-economic and cultural lens.

  • Faculty Mentor
    Prof. Kanish Debnath

  • Group Members
    Karina Acharya, Naman Agrawal, Jeneesha Bhojwani, Akshara Dafre, Utathya Ghosh, Sohil Idnani, Khush Lulla, Devyani Santosh, Aman Shah, Harshil Shah, Sakshi Shetty, Shruti Singhi, Chris Tolin, Vidushi Wahal