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Sacred Groves of Sattari, Goa

Sacred Groves of Sattari, Goa

This study aims to contribute to the knowledge and understanding of sacred groves, their conservation, and their socio-ecological contexts in Sattari. By shedding light on the practices, beliefs, and economic aspects related to sacred groves, this research can inform conservation strategies, community engagement, and sustainable development initiatives in the region.

  • Faculty Mentor
    Prof. Malini Dasari

  • Group Members
    Anchal Gupta, Ashwini Karthik, Deeksha A, Gaurika Gupta (LOA), Gautam Dhanjal, Neha S, Raghav Gairola, Sai Ananya Mallapragada, Shailey Maloo, Tanishka Iyer, Thwishaa Bansal, Uppal Sain, Vrisha Gosrani