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En route to cleanliness: Vengurla

DIP Film Final Cut - Team Vengurla

En route to cleanliness: Vengurla

Studying waste management is a pressing need, given the drastic increase in population, industrialization and urbanization. The waste management system of Vengurla was explored thorugh this research, with a focus on the implementation of such a system, the diverging perspectives of different community groups and the scope of this system to be employed in other areas. Several gaps and loopholes in the system were also discovered, by taking into account the perspectives of different stakeholders.

  • Faculty Mentor
    Prof. Suniti Vadalkar

  • Group Members
    Aayushi Patnaik, Devika Ajmera, Hetvi Pathak ,Jyotsna Penumarti, Krupali Patel, Riha Doley, Mehek Puruswani, Mrinalini Godara, Paul Kuruvilla, Rachna Chandramouli, Siddhanth Chordia, Simonell Marshall, Tanya Aravind, Upasana Mahajan, Varnika Gulati