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Women Seaweed Harvesters in Chinnapalam

Women Seaweed Harvesters of Chinnapalam, Rameshwaram

Women Seaweed Harvesters in Chinnapalam

The study describes, and analyses information obtained in the form of life stories (specifically, oral histories) of the women involved in seaweed tradework in Chinnapalam, Rameswaram. Although, there is a general understanding about the economic aspect of harvesting there is an absence in our knowledge about the role of the women seaweed harvesters involved whose work is often romanticised to sound empowering which is not the case. This project aims to fill that gap in literature.

  • Faculty Mentor
    Prof. Juhi Sidharth

  • Group Members
    Shrushti Bhosale, Yaamini Gupta, Radhika Tyagi, Manya Kotera, Shwetha Nair, Michelle Clement, Priyanka Rajagopalan, Aashka Shah, Upasna Chadha, Shalki Gupte, Esha Patel, Thriptha Shivanand, Manasi Menon, Amruta Veer, Ajai Senkotuvel