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Taarab : Voice of Zanzibar

Taarab: The Voice of Zanzibar

Taarab : Voice of Zanzibar

This research study explores the history of Taarab, a musical form which is the amalgamation of many instruments and cultures playing a central element in Zanzibar. Despite initially being an exclusive art form belonging to the elite, Taarab has become an essential part of every aspect of the Zanzibari society. This paper examines the importance of Taarab’s inclusivity and changes over time, bringing about the revolutions of class, gender and nationality.

  • Faculty Mentor
    Prof. Vahideh Razmi

  • Group Members
    Deepak Ramakrishna, Rhea Nath, Ahana Sirohi, Simran Taneja, Tanya Poonawala, Rishabh Juneja, Fathima Husain, Isabella Koshy, Neil Bhatija, Anavi Someshwar, Anant Bondre Logistics, Prithviraj Pandit