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Chharanagar in the Era of Budhan Theatre

Khel Khel Mein Khel - Budhan Theatre

Chharanagar in the Era of Budhan Theatre

This study focused on a community of people who live in the most isolated and stigmatized location, discriminated against as one of the denotified and nomadic tribe (DNTs) under the habitual offenders act. It gave particular attention to the major groups in Chharanagar who face unique oppression because of additional markers: women who brew liquor, women of Budhan Theatre, women from neither backgrounds, and Budhan Theatre leaders. Find out more about the Charas as the study explores the Charas community in tandem with the story of the Budhan theatre.

  • Faculty Mentor
    Dr. Michaela Henry
  • Group Members
    Riya Shah, Ashita Ahuja, Esha Ahuja, Isha Doshi, Juanita Thota, Nioshi Shah, Damayanti Saha, Prerna Mohan, Mary Wojcicki, Siddhant Patel, Aman Vakharia, Manas Sambare, Neelima Mundayur, Abhishek Dixit, Purvi Rajpuria, Smriti Jalihal, Aakash Reddy