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Chandni Chowk: Kebab, Kulche aur Kahaniyan

Swaad, Yaad aur Ehsaas

Chandni Chowk: Kebab, Kulche aur Kahaniyan

This research study aimed to collect information, ranging from the role of migration and memory in shaping the culinary culture in Chandni Chowk, to the flexible definition of authenticity in such setting. The project seeks to understand how authenticity has been moulded within the different narratives that presently form the identity of the renowned Chandni Chowk.

  • Faculty Mentor
    Prof. Amit Anurag

  • Group Members
    Siddharth Khare, Anahita Shah, Arkadeepra Purkayastha, Ashna Arora, Gururaj Iyer, Isha Malaviya, Kabir Nagadia, Maanvi Ahuja, Nandini Mehta, Pranjali Dave, Rae Anne Pyrtuh, Sanjana Sundar, Siddharth Jain, Taira Deshpande, Udit Murarka