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The Decline of Bombay’s Single Screen Cinemas

The Decline of Bombay’s Single Screen Cinemas

This research project delves into the significance, decline, current implications, and future prospects of single screen cinemas in Bombay. It seeks to analyze the technological, socio-cultural, and spatial shifts that have impacted these cinemas and aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of their role in the city’s cinematic and cultural heritage.

  • Faculty Mentor
    Prof. Ashutosh Potdar

  • Group Members
    Aamir Ghadially, Aditya Chouhan, Amanveer Singh, Anisha Muthanna, Atreya Gopalka, Chirag Divakaran, Darshan Damle, Hridansh Vira, Sachi Dhuped, Tishya Singhvi, Vedant Yadav, Yash Bafna, Zina Colabawalla