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Floored by legacy : Athangudi tiles

Floored by Legacy: Athangudi Tiles

Floored by legacy : Athangudi tiles

Athangudi Tiles are made by a unique process in Tamil Nadu. This research study looks upon how the significance, production and sale of Athangudi tiles and how they have changed over time. The researchers particularly focused upon the effect and influence that the Athangudi tiles had upon the region. Their findings include intriguing information about the spread and origination of the practice of making Athangudi tiles, and more detailed knowledge about other older elements in Athangudi as the tile making is relatively newer.

  • Faculty Mentor
    Prof. Juhi Siddharth

  • Group Members
    Nishad Kothari, Aarti Raghuram, Anushna Purkayastha, Niharika Sharma, Riya Gandhi, Sachin Rajpurohit, Shreenidhi Bhutada, Sahil Patil, Shubham Sharma, Vekat Muthukaruppam