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Gulabi shehar ki firozi kahaniya

Gulabi shehar ki firozi kahaniya

This research project aims to shed light on the decline of Blue Pottery in Jaipur and explore its future prospects. By understanding the challenges and opportunities faced by the artisans and the craft industry, this study provides insights into potential strategies for the revival and sustainable development of Blue Pottery. The findings and recommendations can serve as a guide for stakeholders, policymakers, and organizations involved in the preservation and promotion of this traditional craft form.

  • Faculty Mentor
    Prof. Lalitha Suhasini

  • Group Members
    Aditi Achwal, Aditya Swaminathan, Anushka Narkar, Aryan Chitnis, Dhyan Prasad Mavulati, Kshitija Venkat, Kuhu Sarin, Nayonika Das, Nicolas Samuel, Nishtha Mehra, Pratham Singhania, Thara Premanand