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Divided by development: Dams, Displacement and Dimbhe

Divided by development: Dams, Displacement and Dimbhe

This study explores the socio-economic impacts of Dimbhe dam on the tribal population of that area. The shift in the socio-economic conditions and livelihoods, before and after the displacement process due to dam construction, for specific reference tribes in and around Ambegaon taluka, Maharashtra is also analysed. Further, the dynamics and differences between populations that were forcibly displaced due to a development project, populations that were displaced due to a natural calamity and people living in fear of displacement are studied.

  • Faculty Mentor
    Dr Bharat Damani

  • Group Members
    Datla Sai Sri Ram Varma, Devika Makkat, Akanksha Gupta, Nidhi Prabhakaran, Raghav Chadha, Ankita Lamsal, Kyra Manjunath, Anjali Kailat, Lekshmi R Narayan, Vamsi Krishna RS, Nishta Bhargava, Jeremy Michael D'lima, Yesha Shah, Kiran Reddy NVS, Anukriti Goyal