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Creole Cuisine in Pondicherry

Creole Cuisine in Pondicherry

By examining the decline of Creole cuisine in Pondicherry and proposing preservation measures, the research aims to contribute to the cultural heritage and culinary diversity of the region. The findings can provide insights and guidance to relevant stakeholders, including chefs, policymakers, and community organizations, in their efforts to revive and sustain Creole cuisine.

  • Faculty Mentor
    Prof. Frederick Herbst

  • Group Members
    Abhishek Patil, Adhya Menon, Anjali Mathur, Anya Ghosal, Asmi Nahar, Devika Sudhir, Diya Sadekar, Khushi Agrawal, Rishika Thakur, Saniya Sood, Sona Agrawal, Yash Gidwani