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Art on a box: Sivakasi’s Miniature Canvas

Sivakasi's Miniature Canvas

Art on a box: Sivakasi’s Miniature Canvas

This research aims to study changes in the making of matchboxes and matchbox designs over time. The project seeks to explore the many implementations of such changes through the effects it has on the various associated stakeholder groups. In essence, the research hopes to bring to light, how the craft of matchbox production and design has evolved over time, and what this change really implies in the present day.

  • Faculty Mentor
    Prof. Bharat Damani

  • Group Members
    Sweekriti Tandon, Rhea Sokhanda, Sneha Satish, Siddharth Yagnamurthy, Vedika Karnani, Kaiyomi Mistry, Esha Gupta, Eshna Zaveri, Andrew James, Suyash Sharma, Divyam Mehta, Zuber Dhanani, Khushi Joshi, Lavanya Talati, Shivangini Saran