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The Ratha: A Pull of Faith

The Ratha: A Pull of Faith

This research project seeks to comprehend the various stages in the ratha making process and the practice of rathotsavams or chariot processions. It explores the relationship between the ratha and its makers delving into the multiple traditions and procedures of a ratha’s construction and the impact of technological and socio-economic influences upon these processes. It also focuses on sevas, paid processions conducted in certain kinds of temple and the process of storage and maintainence of the rathas.

  • Faculty Mentor
    Prof. Ashutosh Mishra

  • Group Members
    Abbas Lokhandwala, Ajit Tambay, Anahita Sachdev, Anvay Nayak, Avantika Kapadia, Isha Jain, Juhi Marwadi, Manasi Nene, Pratika Gopinath, Priyanka Aidasani, Sakshi Venkat, Shriya Kuchibhotla