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Attar from Uttar: The Fragrances of Kannauj

Attar from Uttar

Attar from Uttar: The Fragrances of Kannauj

Kannauj, a small city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is the only place in the world where ‘attar’ is produced, using the traditional ‘deg-bhapka’ technology that evolved during the Mughal period. This report is focused on studying the process by which this perfume is created, as well as the economic and socio-cultural aspects that have developed due to the consequent industry that came to be. Specifically This report aims to clarify that the ‘assumed meaning’ of attar – that being ‘a perfume for the elite’ – is very different from what ‘attar’ has metamorphosed to become, today.

  • Faculty Mentor
    Prof. Sach Wry

  • Group Members
    Bageshri Savyasachi, Bhairavi Kulkarni, Burhan Diwan, Chinmay Patwardhan, Deepali Shinde, Harleen Singh, Mallika Jaiman, Nikhil Dantuluri, Shravani Purandare, Shristi Sharma, Burhanuddin Chappkhanawala